Essential readings

A Primer on The Premier Economic Governance Report
A Primer on The Premier Economic Governance Report
Building Forward Together
Financing a Sustainable Recovery for The Future of All
Review of Policies and Strategies for the Pharmaceutical Production Sector in Africa
Policy Coherence, Best Practices and Future Prospective
STEPS profile Algeria
Structural transformation, employment, production and society
The Data Revolution in North Africa
Putting data at the service of structural transformation
Economic Report on Africa 2019: Fiscal Policy fo Financing Sustainable Development in Africa
Fiscal Policy for Financing Sustainable Development in Africa
Assessing Regional Integration in Africa - ARIA IX
Next Steps for the African Continental Free Trade Area
Africa Sustainable Development Report
Towards a Transformed and Resilient Continent
African Governance Report V examines efforts to improve the governance of Africa’s abundant natural resources, with particular emphasis on strengthening natural resource governance institutions and frameworks for the enhancement of domestic revenue mobilization and engendering economic diversification and structural transformation on the continent. Case studies from eight African countries (Botswana, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Egypt, Madagascar, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda) buttress the diversity in natural
Natural Resource Governance and Domestic Revenue Mobilization for Structural Transformation
Economic Report on Africa 2017: Urbanization and Industrialization
Urbanization and Industrialization for Africa’s Transformation
2016 Annual Report on Assuring Quality at ECA
Achievements, Challenges and Lessons Learned
The African Sustainable Development Goals Map
Economic Commission for Africa Initiatives for the Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2063
Assessing Regional Integration in Africa VIII
Bringing The Continental Free Trade Area About
MDGs to Agenda 2063/SDGs Transition Report 2016
Towards an integrated and coherent approach to sustainable development in Africa
Illicit Financial Flows
Report of the High Level Panel on Illicit Financial Flows from Africa