Partnerships (Ppps) in Meeting Post-Covid-19 Business Environment Needs at The Wake of AFCFTA





Announcement in Brief

Type :Self-paced Online  Course
Programme Area : Economic Affairs
Beginning of the course : 25 th October – 24 th december 2021
Duration : 9 Weeks
Language :Bilingual (English & French)
Location :Web Based E-Learning
Fee :No Fee
Application Deadline : 16 th October 2021
Specific target audience :No
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The degree of global economic shock resulting from Covid-19 Pandemic has been overwhelming; with immensely gloomy changes in macroeconomic outlooks, public finance deeps across climes, business climate obscurity amidst pre-existing infrastructure dearth, etc. The private sector been the major driver of economic activities are the worst hit in underdeveloped and emerging economies typical of the African continent. In a scenario where the government are more incapacitated in catering to the structural demands for a growthenabling economic environment than it was pre-Covid-19. The lean capacity of traditional procurement pre-Covid-19 crisis is no longer feasible for a sustainable structural reset, economic rebound, and first-mover industrial catch-up needed for enhanced productivity, poverty reduction, value-added trade growth, increased employment generation, and improved investment climate for FDI attraction post-Covid-19.


 Upon completion of this training course, participants will have the capacity to understand how to undertake:

  • Careful Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA)
  • Detailed feasibility studies, project finance and financial modelling, needs analysis, solutions options analysis
  • and PPP options for project delivery
  • Development of procurement contract documents of PPP projects and transaction advisory services
  • Contract negotiations, contract and project implementation
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of PPP projects
  • Audit of PPP projects
  • Economic analysis of projects
  • Risk identification and management
  • Stakeholder engagement and management