IDEP Computer Centre

The Computer Centre is responsible for the management and security of the computers and IT system of the Institute as well as the provision of IT related training for the trainees and staff to ensure maximum and efficient use of the computer facilities. The Computer Centre provides direct assistance on a day-to-day basis to all Divisions and Units in the Institute, as well as other agencies organising activities at IDEP (e.g. African Governance Institute (AGI), UNDSS, etc…).

The Computer Centre consists of a major computer lab with twenty (20) workstations, a smaller computer lab with five (5) workstations and a server room with five (5) servers. The Institute's Computer Centre has a wide range of responsibilities such as the development and maintenance of management applications, development and maintenance of web pages, networks administration and security, mail administration, programming, software and hardware maintenance, print management, helpdesk, training and support. The Computer Centre is also responsible for management of the telephone system.