Interpretation, Translation and Conference Services

The IDEP headquarters being home to a significant portion of its training and capacity development activities, the Interpretation, translation and conference services unit plays a central role in ensuring that all programmes held at the Institute run smoothly. As a result of the space and the technical capabilities of our conference facilities, national, sub-regional and regional organizations and institutions occasionally use the facilities for various other activities.

The IDEP Facility houses two (2) lecture rooms and a conference room frequently used for a majority of IDEP’s meetings. It is worth noting that these spaces are fully equipped with simultaneous interpretation equipment.

A distinguishing feature of IDEP is that it is a bilingual institution, with English and French as the languages of all its operations. IDEP has a dedicated team of interpreters and translators, who support a vast majority of its programmes and activities throughout the year. IDEP is one of few pan-African institution of its kind, with the full capacity to transcend the language barrier in the delivery of its services to its Member States.