Tailor-Made Short Courses

Occasionally IDEP receives specific requests from African Member States for tailor-made capacity development and training courses that respond to the specific needs they may have at any given point in time. Tailor-made courses are demand-driven and contribute to the realisation of development visions and processes that are locally-owned, autonomously conceived and nationally-led. It is envisaged that whilst the overwhelming majority of the requests that the Institute will respond to under this programme will continue to come from governmental ministries and agencies, opportunities for running tailor-made courses on economic governance and development planning issues for the regional economic communities, the organised private sector and civil society groups will be embraced. For approved tailor-made courses, IDEP takes the lead in developing the course modules and identify the appropriate resource persons.

Course Schedule

Generally, the Institute accommodates up to five tailor-made short courses annually. As with other IDEP short courses, the target number of participants are 25. Since the tailor-made courses are substantially demand-driven, they are usually structured as a decentralised IDEP activity to be held in a suitable location in the requesting country, sub-regional institution, or organisation. IDEP’s tailor-made courses, in general, do not last more than two weeks and are structured as intensive sessions based on a ratio of one resource person to five participants.