Charge Policy

The UNCC-AA functions as a cost center. This is in line with UN General Assembly Resolutions as well as observations of the UN Board of Auditors. 

A. UNCC-AA's Clients

Clients of UNCC-AA include ECA substantive and administrative divisions, other UN Agencies/Offices and Programs, the African Union Commission, accredited Embassies, international NGOs, Governmental institutions as well as selected professional associations and reputable corporations.  Those that raise issues relating to religious, ethnic or political matters may not be allowed to use the Centre.

B. The UNCC-AA Charge Policy

The charge policy is based on the following guiding principles:

  • UNCC-AA operates on a charge-back system whereby the meeting rooms, equipment, supplies and services have to be charged for the non-ECA meetings.
  • In addition to the Rates for UNCC-AA meeting rooms, equipment and services, the labor component (i.e. the staff time used to plan and service meetings during working hours as well as overtime) shall be charged based on established minimum workday rate of the staff involved.
  • Discounts or reduced rates previously granted shall no longer apply.
  • Non-UN clients must make a deposit of the estimated cost of the event at least one (1) week ahead of the date of the event, and settlement of the final invoice shall be made on receipt of the final invoice and latest thirty (30) days after close of the event.
  • In case of cancellation, a cancellation notice must be received at least one (1) week before the starting date of the event.
  • A cancellation fee of 5% of the estimated cost of the event shall be charged to any client, who has reserved Conference Rooms 1 to 6 at UNCC-AA, unless a cancellation notice is received at least one (1) week before the starting date of the event.

C. Rates

A Contractual Agreement as well as a detailed cost estimate of a meeting can be obtained from the Planning and Servicing Unit of the Conference Management Section. (Ms. Sakyibea Akuffo-Parry

Bookings can be made by submitting a formal request through the electronic meetings scheduling and resource allocation system eMeets, available on the iSeek site (Double-click on Topics, click on Meetings and then on eMeets). OR by filling in the booking form.