Statistical Development Indicators

The African Centre for Statistics is pleased to announce that it has developed a Statistical tool, namely, Statistical Development Indicators (StatDI). The tool was endorsed by Heads of National Statistical Offices and experts at the 5th Statistical Commission for Africa in Côte d'Ivoire in November 2016 and later presented at the PARIS21 Board in April 2017. StatDI is a tool developed as a contribution to the global statistical knowledge to measure the progress attained in statistical development. StatDI will contribute to enhance the tracking and reporting mechanisms established for achieving the national development plans, including the sustainable development Goals SDGs and in the long term agenda 2063.

StatDI has a unique distinguished feature in that its methodology is based on Strategic and Quality frameworks.  Specifically, this methodology was guided by the African Charter for Statistics, the Reference Regional Strategic Framework for Statistical Capacity Building in Africa (RRSF), and aligned with the National strategy for Development of statistics (NSDS) framework as well as with relevant international recommendations. As a result, StatDI covers most of the fundamental dimensions in statistical development. In addition, and due to this distinguished feature, StatDI can be used by other agencies in other regions. Find below the link to the brochure on StatDI:

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