Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management Services - Recognizing that the availability, access and flow of knowledge is a key determinant of the organization’s success, the primary role of the Knowledge Management (KM) services is to facilitate connection to "knowledge banks" by both the knowledge providers and the knowledge seekers. With the restructuring of ECA in 2012, KLSS was charged with the KM activities previously undertaken in various Divisions. Amongst others, the KM services will include; creating, combining, restructuring or repurposing existing knowledge in response to identified knowledge gaps. Furthermore, an enabling environment including an online interactive platform will be provided  to ECA staff, partners, researchers, policy makers and other stakeholders to share and exchange knowledge with each other. Commonly used and new emerging tools of knowledge exchange will be put in place to facilitate the operations of the existing and new Knowledge Networks and Communities of Practice. Knowledge (including best practices, lesson learnt, documents, etc.) generated through these activities will be repackaged and shared widely. Capacity building on knowledge development and management will also be provided to staff of the Commission.