851 (XL) African Institutes for Economic Development and Planning


The Conference of Ministers,

          Recallingits resolution 846 (XXXIX) of 15 May 2006 on the mandate and operations of the African Institute for Economic Development and Planning (IDEP);

          Acknowledging the contributions that have already been made by some member States;

          Noting with concern the critical financial situation that the Institute continues to face, which is further aggravated by the non-payment of assessed contributions by some member States;

          Reaffirming the relevance of IDEP in providing relevant, demand-driven training activities for African Governments, public organizations and the private sector to meet the capacity-building needs of members States;

          Stressing the need for the Institute to further strengthen its cooperation with other relevant national, regional and international training institutions;

          Deeply concerned about the current human and overall management challenges facing the Institute;

          Taking note of the Report of the External Review of the IDEP;

  1. Endorses the recommendations of the panel contained in the report;

  2. Mandates the Executive Secretary to carry our a thorough needs assessment as well as the management audit to enable IDEP to fulfill its mission;

  3. Further mandates the Executive Secretary to make the necessary arrangements to finalize the report of the Panel of External Reviewers and submit this to the next session of the Commission; and

  4. Urges members States who have made pledges to honor their commitments.