Continental Workshop on Trade and Gender 2018
“Working together for gender-sensitive implementation of the Agreement for the Establishment of the African Continental Free Trade Area: the role of regional economic communities”
Tuesday, December 11, 2018 to Monday, December 17, 2018
Cairo, Egypt

Intra-African Trade Fair is the first of its kind in Africa, consisting of a 7-day trade fair that provides a platform for sharing trade, investment and market information and enabling buyers and sellers, investors and countries to meet, discuss and conclude business deals.

Analysis by the African ExportImport Bank (Afreximbank) shows that one of the main reasons why intra-African trade is low at around 15% compared to Europe (59%), Asia (51%), and North America (37%) is because of lack of access to trade and market information. To address this challenge, Afreximbank will convene the Intra-African Trade Fair every two years to provide trade and market information and connect buyers and sellers from across the continent.

The Economic Commission for Africa will take part in the Trade Fair and cease this opportunity to organize the following side events:

  1. Continental Workshop on Trade and Gender 2018
    Concept Note - Draft programme

  2. “Empowering African women and youth in the new AfCFTA era – Making AfCFTA a reality for women and youth”

  3. Paperless partnership – promoting the e-formalities agenda in Africa

  4. Trade Finance for Female Entrepreneurs

  5. Informal Cross Border Trade: What Do We Know?