Expert Group Meeting to Review the Study on Mainstreaming the Governance of the Extractive Sectors in the African Peer Review Mechanism Process
Wednesday, December 16, 2015 to Thursday, December 17, 2015
Lagos, Nigeria

The Expert Group Meeting to review the Study on Mainstreaming the Governance of the Extractive Sectors in the African Peer Review Mechanism Process will be held 16-17 December 2015, in Lagos Nigeria. Following the outcome from APRM country self-assessment reports ECA, as an APRM Strategic Partner, initiated a series of studies on APRM systemic and structural issues in 2010. Amongst these issues which are evident in almost all 17 APRM country reports are: (a) Managing Diversity (b) Elections, (c) Corruption; d) Land and Resource Management, (e) Gender Inequality, (f) Youth unemployment, (g) Xenophobia and racism etc.

So far ECA completed researched on the first five cross-cutting issues and launched a study on another critical issue- The extractive sectors, which plays an important role towards the continent’s transformation in line with the ongoing activities of the ECA, the African Union and the African Mining Vision’s (AMV) goal of creating a “transparent, equitable and optimal exploitation of mineral resources to underpin broad-based sustainable growth and socio-economic development”.

The objective of the study was to identify the common problems on the governance of extractives industries facing APRM countries and to provide analytical research with a view to share best practices and to suggest recommendations which can be implemented at the country level. The study explores how the APRM reports measure up to the principles and standards put forth by the African Mining Vision (AMV) with the aim of advocating for more AMV compliance.  It also promotes the new APRM Questionnaire as the optimal means to ensure compliance with the AMV.  It not only provides a conceptual diagnosis of issues relating to the exploitation of mineral resources in Africa but also provides a wealth of knowledge based on experiences, challenges including conflict confronting African countries,  reasons for success and lessons accruing from best practices with non APRM countries such as (Botswana) and beyond (Australia and Chile). 

Also, the study facilitates the development of an APRM Mining review Framework, which will be a tool to help APRM upcoming countries to assess their policies regarding governance of extractive industries and monitoring of progress. The Framework will be designed to provide a point of reference that national and external experts can use during the review exercises. National and regional priorities and issues should be considered when the Framework/Guidelines will be drafted.  The framework will contain set of extractive industries governance indicators which will be identified within the existing expertise of the AMV.

The EGM will discuss the findings of the study as well as make inputs into the proposed APRM Mining Review Framework. The participants will be drawn from Extractive Sector Experts of APRM Member Countries, RECs, and the AU.

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Ms Hodane Youssouf
Public Administration Office
Capacity Development Division