Side-Event : Data Revolution in Africa
Setting the scene for a sustainable development agenda powered by Data Revolution in Africa
Friday, March 27, 2015 to Sunday, March 29, 2015
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  Report of the Committee of Experts

new  Africa Data Consensus - Final 



Central Thoughts

On Africa:

The African integration agenda addresses three main areas: political, economical as well as social and cultural. For it to fully succeed, it requires not only quality statistical information but also harmonized data across time and space.

On Data:

Data are the lifeblood of decision-making and the raw material for accountability. Without high-quality data providing the right information on the right things at the right time to the right people; designing, monitoring and evaluating effective policies becomes almost impossible.

On Revolution:

A fundamental change, turnaround and newness in systems, powers and organizational structures that happens in a very short time. They have occurred over time, bringing a shift in cultures, policies, governments and nations.

On Data Revolution:

The data revolution means more demand, more data, more communities, more usage, more results and more engagement – an inspiring vision of a world of fast-flowing data deployed for the public good, and of citizens and governments excited and empowered by the possibilities this creates.

On Data Revolution in Africa:

The process of bringing together diverse data communities to embrace a diverse range of data sources, tools, and innovative technologies, to provide disaggregated data for decision- making, service delivery and citizen engagement; and information for Africa to own its narrative.

On Data Communities:

A data community is a group of people who share a social, economic or professional interest in data production, management, dissemination and/or use.

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