Ad hoc Expert Group Meeting (AEGM)
Infrastructure Development in Central Africa: Beyond the Missing Links
Wednesday, June 27, 2018 to Thursday, June 28, 2018
N’Djamena, Chad
Infrastructure development

Many Central African countries have set for themselves very tight schedules to attain emergence, that is to get to sustainable economic development levels underpinned by a fair distribution of wealth, a blossoming and competitive private sector, economic diversification, food security, financial sector development and entrenched governance and rule-of-law practices. This would be extremely difficult to achieve without the optimal development of infrastructure such as transport, communication, energy, water and industrial plants. Single countries can only benefit to the fullest in terms of infrastructure developments if other countries in their sub-region improve their own infrastructure. It is therefore desirable that efforts be pooled to see how Central African countries can collectively revolutionize their infrastructure. This meeting of experts will provide fresh insights into how the missing links to infrastructure development in the sub-region can be quickly plugged to allow for sustainable development.