Validation workshop and recommendations on the study on Women Land rights
A Report on a study on Improving Access to Land and Strengthening Land Rights of Women in Africa.
Tuesday, May 28, 2013 to Thursday, May 30, 2013
Arusha, Tanzania

The aim of the workshop is to validate the draft report on “Improving access to land and strengthening land rights of women in Africa” a study that forms part of the Elements of the Five Year LPI Strategic Plan to implement the AU Declaration on Land Issues and Challenges in Africa, in accordance with the Framework and Guideline on Land Policy in Africa (F&G).The Specific objectives of the validation workshop are to:1.    Review the draft report with a view to validating information, data and evidence including: i) The role of women in land based-economic activities and conservation of land resources in Africa; ii) Status of women’s land rights in Africa, identifying evidence of discrimination against women in access, control and ownership of land, both under customary and formal systems; iii) Measures, initiatives and experiences taken in order to improve and strengthen women’s land rights; iv) Promising practices in improving women’s land rights in Africa; and2.    Reach consensus on follow-up activities by the LPI and its partners related to: a) Dialogue and advocacy activities and entry points for raising awareness among stakeholders to effect positive change in  the status of women’s land rights in Africa; b) Capacity development and training needs and activities with respect to women’s land rights to be mainstreamed in LPI’s broader capacity building framework; c) Benchmarks and indicators that can inform LPI’s efforts in monitoring land policy development and implementation from a women’s land rights angle; and d) The role of stakeholders and partners in follow-up activities geared towards advancing women’s access to land and secure land rights in Africa.