International transport and trade facilitation in North Africa
Thursday, September 25, 2014 to Friday, September 26, 2014
Rabat, Morocco

The general objective of the meeting is to help speed up the regional integration process in its dimension of ‘the development of intra North African trade’. The specific objective will be to propose on the basis of a preliminary study, the outline of a regional plan for the facilitation of trade and in particular of inter State transport and transit in the North African space. This will entail the formulation, on the basis of a diagnosis of the main gaps or areas of belatedness identified, a joint action framework to (i) raise the level of performance of border administrations and the quality of logistics services, and (ii) to sustainably assist initiatives for the development of trade and economic integration existing in the sub-region.

The experts will discuss the main conclusions and recommendations of the working document in order to enhance and adopt them. The outcome of the meeting and preliminary study will be consolidated by a publication addressing the main stakeholders: national administrations, national bodies to coach actors of inter-state transport/transit, AMU General Secretariat, Maghreb Employers Union, foreign partners dealing with the issues of international transport and trade facilitation.

This meeting will entail the participation of national and international experts in the areas of customs, transport, international transit, foreign trade, regional integration, information and communications technology, private sector and civil society.

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