About the office

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The Subregional Office for West Africa (SRO-WA) is located in Niamey (the Niger). It is headed by a Director who reports to the Executive Secretary. Its main objective is to contribute to achieving structural transformation for inclusive and sustainable development in West Africa, focusing on demographic dynamics for development.

The core functions are as follows:
(a) Providing relevant support to member States, regional economic communities and intergovernmental organizations in their quest to report and achieve the goals and targets set out in the 2030 Agenda and Agenda 2063, including the West African integration agenda (the ECOWAS Community Development Programme and the regional economic programme of the West African Economic and Monetary Union), and the Paris Agreement on climate change;
(b) Contributing to enhancing the capacity of member States in the subregion to integrate challenges of demographic dynamics in policy and planning processes;
(c) Reinforcing country, subregional and regional progress towards addressing demographic issues with an impact on the development prospects of member States;
(d) Engaging member States, regional economic communities and the West African Economic and Monetary Union in high-level policy dialogues and debates related to demographic dynamics for development;
(e) Providing capacity-building in the form of development planning and project monitoring and evaluation tools.