Special Initiatives Division Seminar Series
Should Africa ratify the Paris Agreement?
Friday, February 19, 2016
United Nations Conference Center (UNCC)

Moderator: Ms Fatima Denton, Director, SID


  • Mr Johnson Nkem, ACPC
  • Mr James Murombedzi, ACPC
  • Mr Linus Mofor, ACPC
  • Mr Frank Rutabingwa,  ACPC
  • Mr Joseph Intsiful, ACPC
  • Mr Wilfran Moufouma, ACPC

The COP21 Paris Agreement has been applauded as a significant milestone in comprehensively responding to climate change with the latitude for progressively increasing ambitions. The agreement is largely framed on the intended nationally determined contributions (INDCs) that universalizes emission reduction by all parties irrespective of their differentiated historical responsibilities for global emission levels. This raises major concerns for Africa whose share of climate burden weighs heavily on its development agenda and could be further constrained by its obligation to this agreement.

The seminar intends to generate a discussion on the implications and application of the Paris Agreement on Africa and whether Africa should ratify the agreement or not.