Consultative meeting on development priorities and needs in Central Africa (TBC)
Consolidating a joint-action plan for supporting the work of CEMAC and ECCAS
Wednesday, March 25, 2020 to Thursday, March 26, 2020
Yaounde, Cameroon

Following the UN Reforms introduced by the Secretary General in 2017, a seamless inter-agency approach to working with nations on development, peace and security is being adopted. In this regard, the Regional Coordination Mechanism for Africa (RCM-Africa) which was a UN system-wide framework for collaboration and coordination aiming to fast-track programme implementation the continental and global priorities in Africa, is mutating into a more tightly-knit Regional Collaborative Platform.

The aim is to have the regional level of the UN Development System in Africa to support continental and regional institutions and member States in accelerating the process of achieving the Agenda 2030 and Agenda 2063 and ensuring the economic, social and environmental transformation of the Continent.

This meeting will therefore be a first step towards consolidating a joint-action plan for supporting the work of the regional economic communities of the Central African subregion - CEMAC and ECCAS - in achieving their development priorities.