Urbanization and National Development Planning in Africa

Urbanization and National Development Planning in Africa

The objective of the present report is to examine the ways to integrate cities and urbanization into national development planning to support inclu­sive economic development[2].

It builds on the foundation of research and the conceptual frame­work of the Economic Commission for Africa, the Economic Report on Africa 2017: Urbanization and Industrialization for Africa’s Transformation.

Section I of this report outlines the context of national and global development planning in Africa, laying out the rationale for integrating cities and urbanization into such policies, while also examining the lessons learned from historical experiences. Section II provides an exploration of the various ways of integrating urban issues into the national development planning process, looking at the process itself. Section III provides an examination of the national development planning content under the framework of urban issues, broken into three entry points: economic sector targeting, urban productivity and the national urban system. Section IV contains an overview of the lessons learned from all five Afri­can case countries, and section V provides final recommendations.

Executive Summary


[2] The present report is primarily concerned with the ways that urbanization and cities integrate into economic policy in a national development plan framework. While urban issues have clear and compelling connections to social issues and environmental issues, the focus of this report is national economic development.