First Report on SDG implementation in Maghreb countries

First Report on SDG implementation in Maghreb countries (report)

Three years after their launch, implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) remains a major challenge in North Africa. Despite significant progress in many areas, North African countries are faced with persistent socio-economic inequalities, and issues such as weak youth and female participation in job markets (most women and youths are employed in the informal sector and about one third of North African youths are unemployed), the marginalization of regions and structural risks related to food security, or discrepancies in access to basic services such as education, health and social protection. Maghreb economies’ lack of diversification and competitiveness is exacerbating these difficulties further by reducing countries’ ability to generate enough growth, create more sustainable jobs and ensure inclusive development.

This report was produced by the ECA Office for North Africa in collaboration with the Arab Maghreb Union (UMA). It makes an initial assessment of progress made by Maghreb countries (Algeria, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia) towards SDG implementation and follow up, and analyzes in particular efforts made in the areas of appropriation and contextualization, institutional governance and monitoring. The report focuses on six areas of primary importance for countries and regional integration: food security (SDG 2), energy transition (SDG 7), industrialization (SDG 9), youth and women employment (SDG 8), climate change (SDG 13) and desertification (SDG 15). It also discusses the role of regional cooperation in SDG implementation and provides guidance to strengthen the action of the Arab Maghreb Union (UMA) in support to SDG implementation in member countries. Finally, the study includes recommendations to speed up SDG implementation in Maghreb countries.

This report thus aims to further reflect on the areas that need strengthening in North Africa, such as institutional governance and the actual participation of civil society and the private sector, SDG inclusion in public policies, budgeting and resource mobilization mechanisms, indicators, data, employment and food security.

ECA launches first report on SDG implementation in Maghreb countries (press release)