EAC Energy Security Policy Framework 2018

This energy security policy framework for the East African Community is intended to provide policy guidance towards better understanding, measurement, monitoring, evaluation and management of energy security risks and challenges in the energy sector of the region. The framework develops models for energy security monitoring, evaluation and management in the biomass, oil and gas and electricity sub-sectors through an approach for integrated overall energy security management. It employs both well-known energy security metrics, such as in the oil and gas sub-sector, as well as putting forth new dimensions to energy security management in the biomass and electricity sub-sectors. The framework proposes institutional framework both for the monitoring, evaluation and reporting functions for biomass, electricity and oil and gas supply security and the coordination of decisions and directives for overall energy security management and emergency responses. The energy security policy framework is not a binding policy document for the region but it aims to provide the foundational policy framework so that the Partner States will take action to devise energy security policy, strategy and action plans, along with their institutionalisation. The framework is developed based on consultative processes in the EAC Partner States.


Download: EAC Energy Security Policy Framework 2018