Assessing Regional Integration in Africa VII

Innovation, Competitiveness and Regional Integration
Assessing Regional Integration in Africa VII

Assessing Regional Integration in Africa (ARIA) VII examines how the three elements of regional integration, innovation and competitiveness are interlinked. It explores the prospects for harnessing them within the framework of Africa’s normative regional integration development model oriented to foster structural change. The report aims to shed light on innovation and competitiveness in the broader context of development policy and strategy in Africa.

Front Matter


Summary, Key Messages and Policy Recommendations

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Status of Regional Integration in Africa

Chapter 3: Regional Integration, Innovation and Competitiveness: A Theoretical Framework and Empirical Highlights

Chapter 4: Innovation and the Global Regulatory Regime for Intellectual Property

Chapter 5: Africa’s Science, Technology and Innovation Policies—National, Regional and Continental

Chapter 6: Lessons from India and Association of Southeast Asian Nations




Policy brief: Economic Partnership Agreements and the African Continental Free Trade Area