Africa Mining Vision: African Minerals Governance Framework

Africa Mining Vision: African Minerals Governance Framework

The Africa Mining Vision is Africa’s overarching framework for achieving inclusive, sustainable mineral-based structural transformation. Since 2009, when the African Union formally adopted the Vision, there has been considerable progress in advancing its implementation throughout the continent. The weaknesses in the governance of Africa’s mineral sector, however, have served to undermine the continent’s aspirations for peaceful and inclusive societies based on the prudent and sustainable use of mineral resources.

The African Minerals Governance Framework has been designed to deepen the commitment to implementing the Africa Mining Vision by serving as a monitoring tool to help African countries to determine their progress with regard to realizing the transformative ambitions of the Vision. Beyond serving as a monitoring and accountability tool for the Vision’s implementation, the Framework is a home-grown, holistic and comprehensive instrument that responds to the specific challenges facing Africa’s mineral sector.

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