Working Documents

  1. 20th ICE Concept Note
  2. Background Study on Institutions,Decentralisation and Structural Transformation in Eastern Africa
  3. High Level Panel Concept Note
  4. Annual Report 2015
  5. Ad-Hoc Expert Group Meeting (AEGM): Social and Economic Inequality in Eastern Africa -5.1 Concept Note           5.2 Mapping Spatial Inequalities in Eastern Africa
  6. Ad-Hoc Expert Group Meeting (AEGM): The Impact of Trade Regimes on Industrialisation - 6.1 Concept Note        6.2 The Impact of Trade Regimes on Industrialisation
  7. Ad-Hoc Expert Group Meeting (AEGM): From Theory to Practice: Unravelling Sustainable Development Opportunities at County Level in Kenya   7.1 Concept Note
  8. Roundtable Discussion on The Followers and Leaders' Pact: Towards New Horizons. Roundtable Dinner Concept Note