About Governance

Our Focus

Functional institutions, visionary leadership, and participatory governance mechanisms are key ingredients of the transformative agenda in Africa. Such an institutional milieu underpins economic and social development as it favours long term investment, unlocks the potential for domestic resource mobilization, unleashes entrepreneurial capacity and induces broad-based participation and property rights.

Underscoring the centrality of accountable, inclusive and effective public administration in the process of development, ECA continues to deepen its work in the areas of illicit financial flows, anti-corruption, public financial management and efficient public sector practices for better service delivery.

At ECA, we put significant emphasis on collecting and analyzing data, preparing annual surveys and producing profiles and reports of the socio-economic, political conditions, economic and corporate governance and development management in the African region; disseminating information relating to experience and best practices of specific aspects of economic management within Africa ; analysing and monitoring of trends in governance, transparency accountability, service delivery and economic transformation in countries of the region and making recommendations on measures for inclusive growth, employment and poverty reduction.

Our policy research and studies, technical support and advisory services are designed to assist member States in improving economic governance and development management including strengthening the rule of law, state legitimacy, trust in governance institutions and reducing corruption. They are also geared towards strengthening public sector management systems, including management of public finances and improving overall governance institutions, accountability and public sector operations.

ECA’s activities in the area of governance are undertaken with full involvement of government, private sector, civil society and other stakeholders through research and analytical work, advocacy, advisory services, technical assistance to member States, training and sensitization programs at national and sub-regional levels.

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