Cooperation ECA-MAU: Mid-term Review of the Multi -Year Programme 2014-2015
Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Rabat, Morocco

The overall objective of the cooperation program remains the strengthening of the MAU capabilities for acceleration of the agenda of economic integration in North Africa. This is in particular to support the efforts of the AMU General Secretariat to formulate and implement its priority programs and strategies for a more integrated Maghreb.

This meeting is part of this monitoring process and midterm evaluation. It will aim to make a detailed assessment of the achievements of the cooperation program implementation after a year. This assessment will confirm whether the proposed strategic themes in the light of new developments during 2014 both internally at each of the institutions that regionally and at the level of Member States.

The mid-term evaluation will also eventually refine the implementation device for a full objectives of the MYP 2016.