The AfCFTA Media Hub Workshop
Unpacking the Africa Free Trade Story
Wednesday, October 2, 2019 to Thursday, October 3, 2019
Johannesburg, South Africa

Reporting trade and related economics can be a daunting task for media practitioners without prior training or knowledge of this field. The challenge for most practitioners is two-fold: first understanding the concepts and then applying news gathering and writing skills to produce attention-grabbing content. With business and economics gaining salience in daily life in Botswana and around Africa, it is critical for media practitioners to acquire new skills in unpacking technical economic information and policy issues, and preparing media content with broad appeal to audiences across all media platforms, especially the ever-popular broadcast channels.

Using case studies and current issues in the news, the course takes participants on a journey of the trade economics; national & regional trade policy analysis; and global political economy. At the same time, participants are exposed to fresh strategies to gather news and report African trade and other pertinent economic issues of the continent, with specific emphasis on how keeping all media content interesting and relevant to audiences. The course pays particular attention to accurate reading and distilling of technical data; and assists participants in tackling news assignments that involve economics and business data.

Training objectives

  • To introduce the target group of media practitioners to basic essentials and practices of business, economics and trade;
  • To assist target group of media practitioners understand and appreciate the Africa economic development issues, AfCFTA, African trade and related policy issues, and trade & International Political Economy.
  • To equip target group of media practitioners with ethical guidelines in reporting business and economics and other public policy issues;
  • To assist target group of media practitioners to improve their understanding and skills in reporting economic statistics and other technical data.


Workshop Porgramme 


Advancing Opportunities for Women and Youth under the AfCFTA

Financial newsgathering techniques

Current state of the African Economy

Dealing with numbers

A general framework for economics reporting

So you want to be an economics journalist?

AfCFTA Media Workshop A Youth Perspective

Local Angles for Reporting African Trade Issues


Workshop in Pictures


Media has an important responsibility to unpack Africa’s Free Trade Story


A Continent on the Move

Deepening Regional Integration in Eastern Africa - Towards the Implementation of the AfCFTA

African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) - How will it benefit us in practice?