A validation workshop for the report on assessing large scale land based investments in Africa (LSLBI)
Land Policy Initiative: Large Scale Land Based Investments in Africa
Thursday, October 10, 2013 to Friday, October 11, 2013
Johannesburg, South Africa

The objective of this workshop is to review the draft report on the study on Assessing Large Scale Land Based Investment in Africa (LSLBI) with a view to validating information, data and evidence on the status of LSLBI in Africa. The workshop, which will be co-organised by the LPI and the Pan African Parliament (PAP) will also draw lessons from best practices for promoting profitable, equitable and sustainable investments in support of an African agricultural and economic transformation. The workshop will review and validate the findings of the study and help to develop a skeleton framework for developing principles on LSLBI for review and adoption by AU member states as per the Nairobi Action Plan. The workshop will further identify key actions needed in the realms of advocacy, capacity development and monitoring and evaluation in order to support efforts to enhance the governance of land based investments to increase economic and social benefits while reducing unintended consequences on the rights and livelihoods of local communities.