Intergovernmental Committee of Senior Officials and Experts (ICE) for Central Africa
Skills for Economic Diversification in Central Africa
Wednesday, November 11, 2020 to Thursday, November 12, 2020

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The main objective of the thirty-sixth session of the Intergovernmental Committee of Senior Officials and Experts (ICE) is to carry out an inventory of skills and other knowledge sets liable to leverage economic diversification in Central Africa, to identify the challenges, constraints and opportunities relating thereto before proposing recommendations on the development strategy and mobilization of skills necessary for the structural transformation of the economies of the sub-region.

Specifically, the meeting will aim to:

  • Discuss the trends and constraints of economic diversification and industrialization in the sub-region and provide an audit of the related skills needs;
  • Analyze national and sub-regional trends in terms of skills development for economic diversification and development, identify challenges and opportunities and share good practices and lessons;
  • Identify strategic and political anchors for the development and mobilization of technical and professional skills in Central Africa;
  • Propose innovative partnerships, including public-private coalitions, for raising the level of qualification and employability of human resources and better coordination between the various partners involved in skills development and economic diversification in the sub-region.
  • Participants of this ICE session will also have the opportunity to examine statutory issues relating to the functioning of ECA’s Subregional Office for Central Africa (ECA/SRO-CA), viz.: (i) ECA/SRO-CA’s program report for the period 2019 and 2020; (ii) the progress report on regional and international programs and other special initiatives in the sub-region; as well as (iii) the report on the implementation of sub-regional initiatives in Central Africa.



15 Oct 2020

ENG: ECA to host intergovernmental session on skills and competences for economic diversification in Central Africa

FR: La CEA annonce une session intergouvernementale sur les compétences pour la diversification économique en Afrique centrale

ESP: La CEPA acogerá una sesión intergubernamental sobre las habilidades y competencias para la diversificación económica en África central

POR:  A CEA organiza a sessão intergovernamental sobre habilidades e competências para a diversificação económica da África Central



Main Conference Concept notes

Concept note, ICE (ENG)

Nota conceptual, CIE  (ESP)

Note conceptuelle, CIE (FR)

Nota conceptual, CIE (POR)


Agenda and Programme

Agenda and Work Programme (ENG)

Annotated work programme (ENG)


Programa de trabajo (ESP)

Proyecto de orden del día anotado (ESP)


Programme de travail et agenda (FR)

Programme de travail annoté  (FR)


Agenda e programa de trabalho (POR)

Agenda anotada (POR)


High-level policy dialogue

High-Level Dialogue on "A skills revolution for economic diversification in Central Africa in the advent of COVID-19 and a call for building back better" (ENG)

Diálogo de Alto Nivel: "Una revolución de habilidades para la diversificación económica en África Central con el advenimiento del COVID-19 y un llamado para reconstruir mejor" (ESP)


Dialogue de Haut Niveau sur: « Révolutionner les compétences pour la diversification économique en Afrique centrale à l’ère de la COVID-19 - un appel pour reconstruire en mieux » (FR)

Diálogo de Alto Nível: "Revolução de competências para a diversificação económica na África Central, com o advento da COVID-19, e um apelo para reconstruirmos melhor" (PORT)



Webinar 1: on Skills for Economic diversification

Theme: Skills for Economic diversification in Central Africa: challenges and opportunities

Theme: Leveraging experiences from successful comparators and building partnerships