High Level Policy Dialogue on Structural Transformation in Central Africa - Gabon
Developing the Wood Industry Toward Structural Transformation in Gabon
Thursday, December 8, 2016
Libreville, Gabon

Hinged on on-going macroeconomic policy work by the Commission, the objective of Libreville debate is to debate on priority actions to be made to valorise tropical timber to leverage structural transformation in Gabon. Specifically, it will identify suitable measures to support the production and export of high value-added wood products, by strengthening the wood processing industry, but also by improving the country’s presence on export markets for wood products. The idea is in line with ECA’s current advocacy for transformative industrial policy for and the greening of Africa’s industrialisation process. 



Concept note (FR)

Programme of Work (FR) 


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Speech by Gabon’s Minister of Forest Economy, Water Resources, Fisheries and Aquaculture  – H.E. Ms Estelle Ondo

Introductory Remarks by the Director of the Subregional Office for Central Africa of ECA - Mr Antonio Pedro


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