Geographic Information Systems for Spatial Planning
Monday, January 1, 2018 to Saturday, January 13, 2018
Programa de Desenvolvimento Espacial Headquarters, Maputo, Mozambique


This training session will focus on the application of geographic information systems technologies, geovisualization, online services and spatial analytics and modelling in planning and informed decision-making. With copious examples drawn from agriculture, urban planning, population analysis, poverty modelling, land management, infrastructures, participants can expect to become more critical consumers of geoinformation and to develop a better appreciation for the kinds of social and economic development questions that can be profitably informed by geoinformation and geospatial analytic techniques.

In particular, the course will introduce participants to the full range of geoinformation techniques and services offered by ECA’s Geoinformation Systems Section (GiSS). Participants will also have the opportunity to apply the concepts presented during lectures in a series of carefully crafted theoretical elements of GIS with operational skills and practicum using the ESRI GIS Suite.



The objectives of the training is to introduce and provide a hands-on training on Geospatial technology principles, data processing, uploading, visualization and analysis for spatial planning and management purpose. The course will improve skill of the staff in the Ministry of Transport (MTC) and other relevant entities in developing online applications in line with the objectives of the Inter-Agency GIS for Mozambique.

The planning of the course will involve pedagogical choices such as balancing lecture material with class discussion or individual versus collaborative work.

At the end of the course, the participants should acquire basic skill in techniques of acquisition, processing and analysis of spatially enabled data for spatial planning application: GIS data processing, uploading; Spatial Modelling; Techniques for online search, query and analyze of data and custom maps production