National Workshop on the Women’s Economic Empowerment Report – Boosting Female Entrepreneurship in Egypt
Monday, November 13, 2017
Cairo, Egypt

The African Center for Gender (ACG) will meet with key national stakeholder in Egypt who focus on women's economic empowerment including representatives from various relevant ministries, civil society, academia and private sector to disseminate the results of ACG's recent report titled "Women's Economic Empowerment: Boosting Female Entrepreneurship in Africa" as well as the Egypt country study that derived from the larger report. The objective of the workshop is to discuss policy options based on a comprehensive analysis of most recent individual, firm and sector level data, solicit feedback and national up-to-date data and agree on an action plan to improve female labor force participation and productivity of female entrepreneurs.

For more information, please contact:

Selahattin Selsah Pasali
Associate Economic Affairs Officer
The African Center for Gender
E-mail: pasali@un.org
Telephone: +251.115.443.964