Expert Group Meeting on Development Corridors
Reconfiguration of development corridors in Central Africa: towards a new decision making approach
Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Meeting link: https://bit.ly/dev-corr


For decades, the notion of corridors in Africa in general, and in Central Africa in particular, has been solely about transport networks consisting of major roads essentially linking areas of raw material production to ports of export and linking these same ports to areas of consumption of imported finished products. As a result, the criteria that prevailed in the selection of corridors did not always include the dimension of profitability and economic potential.

However, States and development actors must use transport corridors as a means of developing the surrounding regions. This is where the concept of development corridors comes in. Within this approach, regional transport routes are no longer considered to be used solely for the transport of goods and services, but also as a means of stimulating the social and economic development of the surrounding areas. This model of development (or economic) corridors makes it possible to create industrial and social infrastructure alongside transport infrastructure.
This outlook gives rise to investment in areas such as mining resources, agribusiness, manufacturing, trade and tourism. It also provides new opportunities for the main sectors of activity, encourages the creation of special economic zones and makes up for the absence or inadequacy of essential infrastructures.

ECA's Subregional Office for Central Africa has therefore embarked on a process of shifting the paradigm on 'transport' corridors, particularly those identified in the Central Africa Consensual Transport Master Plan (PDCT-AC) adopted by the 11th Ordinary Conference of Heads of State and Government of the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS), held in Brazzaville, Congo, on 27 January 2004, and formulated with the support of ECA.

This ad hoc meeting of experts aims to generate discussion on the impact of the implementation of development corridors in Central Africa, and to piece together recommendations and orientations for a reconfiguration and acceleration of the implementation of the PDCT-AC.



4 December 2020



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