Expert Group Meeting on Macroeconomic Framework for Structural Transformation
Tuesday, August 26, 2014 to Wednesday, August 27, 2014
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Recent growth figures have shown Africa as one of the fastest growing region in the world after East Asia. However, this growth has not been associated with economic transformation and has been largely ‘non-inclusive’ because of its limited contribution to job creation and overall improvement in the living standards of Africans. Emerging challenges such as unemployment, continued dependence on export of primary commodities and climate change related impacts call for macroeconomic policies that will support economic transformation. In addition, the changing dynamics of the global economic landscape that has seen the emergence of economic powers such as China, India and Brazil, as well as the continued demand for Africa’s natural and human resources present opportunities to position the region as a global growth pole. The realization of this potential rests, inter alia, on strong developmental states, development of human capital, infrastructure, private sector and promotion of innovation and technology transfer. Central to the effective contribution of these factors is the existence of growth and development focused macroeconomic frameworks. In this regard, ECA has undertaken a study on how African countries can develop macroeconomic policy frameworks that will support long-term inclusive growth and economic and structural transformation, taking into account the diversity, emerging challenges and opportunities facing the continent. The expert group meeting will bring together external expertise to discuss the findings of the report, articulate the key messages and validate the policy recommendations. Participation will be open to individual experts from a variety of fields including academia, government, UN agencies and other regional and intergovernmental bodies.