Expert Group Meeting on E-commerce in Central Africa
The Role of mobile services in Enabling E-commerce in Central Africa and policy implications
Monday, December 14, 2020

This expert group meeting (EGM) will review the ECA-GSMA joint study on “The Role of mobile services in enabling e-commerce in Central Africa and policy implications” and provide comments towards its finalization. The group of experts will, specifically: 

  • contribute to a better profiling of the state of development of e-commerce in Central Africa including the characterization (through case studies) of the key challenges in the business environment (logistics, trade barriers, fiscal policies and red tape …) which can have a direct impact on the ability of e-commerce businesses to scale, fulfil transactions and realize the expected socioeconomic benefits,
  • discuss approaches to addressing the challenges confronting the development of e-commerce in the sub-region,
  • discuss on how to enhance digital and financial inclusion and strengthen mobile infrastructure and affordability of mobile services, promote market-led competition and improve local and global payment system interoperability for robust mobile services and inclusive e-commerce development in Central Africa,
  • highlight policy and regulations stand towards taking the right approach to data regulations and strengthening customers’ trust and boost overall confidence in e-commerce and other digital services,
  • promote stakeholder collaboration and peer-learning through a policy dialogue between governments, regional economic communities, mobile operators, the development community and civil society to address the key challenges to e-commerce adoption in the sub-region.


Concept Note (ENG)

Draft report on: The Role of mobile services in Enabling E-commerce in Central Africa and policy implications (ENG)