Expert Group Meeting on Land and Africa's Sustainable Urbanization
Land Governance
Tuesday, February 23, 2016
Abuja, Nigeria

ECA/LPI and UN-Habitat/ GLTN are jointly organizing on 23 February 2016 in Abuja, Nigeria, an EGM on "Land and Africa’s sustainable urbanization". The EGM is convened alongside the Africa preparatory meeting of Habitat III, for the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development that will take place in Quito, Ecuador, from 17 – 20 October, 2016.  The objective of Habitat III is to secure renewed political commitment for sustainable urban development, assess accomplishments to date, address poverty and identify and address new and emerging urban challenges for the establishment of the ‘New Urban Agenda’.

In support of the Africa preparatory meeting for Habitat III Conference (Abuja, 23- 26 February 2016) a joint LPI- GLTN EGM is convened with a view to mainstreaming land issues in the UN sustainable development agenda through framing the discussion of experts around key land issues, identifying critical issues and priority action areas for advancing Africa’s land agenda within the context of sustainable urbanization,  and informing their deliberations with key continental commitments and frameworks, including the AU Declaration on land issues and challenges in Africa and AU Framework and Guidelines on land policy in Africa (F&G). 

The EGM will gather lead experts in the field of land governance and urban land from research and academia, Government agencies, CSOs and farmer organizations and Women organizations. It is expected that the EGM will come with key messages, conclusions and recommendations to be used for advocacy and awareness raising on the role of land in the context of Habitat 3 agenda.