The Dakar Financing Summit for Africa's Infrastructure
Africa's Infrastructure: Challenges and Opportunities
Saturday, June 14, 2014 to Sunday, June 15, 2014
Dakar, Senegal

The Dakar Financing Summit (DFS) for Africa’s Infrastructure is a mechanism for the promotion of private sector participation in the financing and development of regional infrastructure.   A selection of projects identified as being ready for implementation, which are part of the Programme for Infrastructure development in Africa (PIDA), approved by the AU/NEPAD Programme, will be show-cased to private investors.  This will facilitate the discussion on what it would take for the private sector to invest in these projects.

The summit is convened by President Macky Sall of the Republic of Senegal and Member of the NEPAD Heads of State and Government Orientation Committee, supported by the NEPAD Agency, the AUC, AfDB, ECA, World Bank and other partners.  This is the African Leaders’ response  to the outcomes of the NEPAD-ECA Domestic Resource (DRM) Study, in effort to harness domestic resources for the financing of development in Africa, in particular for infrastructure development, which is a key driver for the acceleration of regional integration and competitiveness.

This by-invitation only summit will facilitate an interactive engagement between political and business leaders on sustainable development through domestic financing.  The success indicators of the summit will be an improved and enabling environment for investment in regional infrastructure projects and increased participation of the private sector in development projects beyond infrastructure.