Regional Forum on the Implementation of Cross-Border Transport Infrastructure Projects in Africa
Boosting Market Integration and Intra-African Trade through Effective Management of Regional Transport Infrastructure and Services
24 July 2014 to 26 July 2014
Addis Ababa


The objective of the Forum is to provide a platform for participants to:

  1. Discuss  the role of transport infrastructure and services in regional trade; as well as mainstreaming trade in transport projects as a strategy for resource mobilization, particularly in the context of the Aid for Trade initiative;
  2. Exchange views and share information on the challenges to the implementation of regional transport infrastructure projects;
  3. Provide updates on progress in PIDA and other regional infrastructure projects;
  4. Better understand their roles and responsibilities in monitoring and evaluating PIDA and other regional projects; and
  5. Provide baseline data on infrastructure in their countries/sub-regions.

Aid for Trade and Infrastructure Development in Africa

Aid for Trade (AfT) is one of several global initiatives launched, over the years, to help developing countries to integrate into the global economy through trade. It was launched in the context of the multilateral trade negotiations in December 2005. As an innovation, the Aid for Trade initiative was conceived not only to mainstream trade into the broader national development strategies of the beneficiary countries but also to deal with broad trade-related constraints ranging from trade policy and regulations to hard infrastructure for trade. AfT also aims at ensuring country ownership, and helping to improve the absorptive capacity of beneficiary countries by assisting them in the development of appropriate AfT project proposals as well as effective monitoring and evaluation (M&E) mechanisms. More...