Peer Review Meeting of the Diversity Management in APRM – Gender Dimension
Tuesday, September 23, 2014 to Wednesday, September 24, 2014
Addis Ababa

The meeting will review and contribute to the “Diversity Management in APRM – Gender Dimension” study which will comprehensively review and audit   the extent to which gender issues are effectively addressed in the preparation of the APRM Country Review Report, as well as implementation of the National Plan of Actions (NPoA) in 17 African countries that have undergone the APRM review. The report generates key recommendations for fully integrating gender issue in the preparation of APRM Country Review Reports as well as in the designing and implementation of the NPoAs.

APRM is described as “Africa’s unique and innovative approach to governance”. Particularly the NPoAs as the key instrument for identifying priority activities, duties and responsibly of key stakeholders present a potential opportunity to the realisation of women’s rights in all the key APRM thematic areas.  Key APRM stakeholders are expected to attend the meeting.