Presentation of the African Governance Report IV and Transformative Industrial Policy for Africa
Measuring corruption in Africa: The international dimension matters
Friday, November 25, 2016
Yaounde, Cameroon

The investigation of the state of corruption globally since the 1990’s, mostly through perception indices, has often cited African countries, in general, and certain Central African countries, in particular, as some of the worst culprits.

The Africa Governance Report IV titled Measuring corruption in Africa: the international dimension matters raises the problem of credibility and reliability with such predominantly perception-based measures of corruption and highlights the short-comings of non-perception based methods currently used. The report says current perception-based indices misrepresent the contextual realities of African countries and completely ignore the escalating international dimension of corruption. It therefore calls on Governments and their partners should focus instead on approaches to measuring corruption that are fact-based and built on more objective quantitative criteria.

Through the Report Transformative Industrial Policy for Africa (TIPA), ECA advocates the role of African States in purposefully creating the environment through which industrialisation thrives. This entails deliberately favouring certain industrial sectors and even companies that can make a difference for the structural transformation of the continent.

What all these possibly mean for the Central African Sub-region in general and Cameroon, in particular, will constitute the object of the presentation and exchange with senior civil servants, academics, diplomats, representatives from development bodies and journalists.


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