Draft Africa Climate Change Strategy Consultation Webinar
Thursday, November 5, 2020
Online, 12:00-2:00pm UTC


Much has transpired and more is in the pipeline since the Africa Climate Change Strategy was developed in 2014. The SDGs were promulgated, and the Paris Agreement and the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction were entered in 2015. The implementation phase of the Paris Agreement started this year (2020) with submission of revised or updated NDCs. A global GHG stocktake is planned for 2023. The first Biennial transparency reports (BTR) using the enhanced transparency framework (ETF) will be due by 31st December 2024 for developing countries. All parties to the Paris Agreement are expected to update and enhance their NDC ambitions every 5 years from 2025.

The predicted impacts of climate change are progressively being felt across the whole of Africa with devastating consequences. Extreme weather events are more frequent and severe threatening to reverse the development gains on the continent and making it harder to attain the ‘Africa we Want’ goal of Agenda 2063, the SDGs, regional and national development goals. These disasters are made more complex by the, yet to be fully understood, impacts of the COVID-19 global pandemic currently ravaging all nations on the planet.

It is in this context that the Economic Commission for Africa in partnership with the African Union Commission set out to update the Africa Climate Change Strategy, through consultations with key stakeholders in the region.


The objective of the event is to present the draft updated Africa Climate Change Strategy document, and to invite feedback on its content from a cross-section of experts and interest groups drawn from all corners of the continent.


Draft Africa Climate Change Strategy


Africa Climate Change Strategy - Mclay Kanyangarara


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