Ad-hoc Expert Group Meeting
Agro-industry Development for Food and Nutritional Security in Southern Africa
Monday, March 9, 2015 to Tuesday, March 10, 2015
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

ECA Sub-regional Office for Southern Africa will convene an Ad Hoc Experts Group on Agro-industry development for food and nutritional security in Southern Africa to discuss and review the state of the agriculture sector in Southern Africa. The meeting with take place from 9th to 10th March 2015, in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

The Ad-hoc Expert Group Meeting will discuss emerging issues and challenges in strengthening agro-industry for food and nutritional security in the SADC region. An issues paper on Agro-industry development for food and nutritional security in Southern Africa will be the major discussion paper.

The two day meeting is expected to provide concrete recommendations on how to strengthen the agro-industry sector through among others partnerships, best practices and lessons from other regions.

Participants will include agro-industry and agribusiness experts from government institutions, the private sector, SADC institutions, civil society, academia and others development partners.


The Southern Africa region is endowed with climatic conditions suitable for a broad range of agricultural activities. Approximately 70 percent of the population in Southern Africa depends on agriculture for food, income and employment while agricultural commodities and produce are the principal exports in many countries, on average contributing approximately 13 percent to total export earnings and 66 percent to the value of intra-regional trade. Agriculture is the dominant economic sector in the SADC regional economy contributing up to 35 percent to its GDP. The agricultural sector performance has a strong influence on the economic growth, employment, demand for other goods, economic stability, food security and overall poverty of SADC member States and the region as a whole. According to analysts, whether looked at from exports or domestic market, the agro-industry is fundamental to income and employment creation in developing countries.

Despite the predominance of the agricultural sector, food and nutrition insecurity is a major socio-economic and political challenge in the region.