African Economic Conference 2010
Setting the agenda for Africa’s Economic Recovery and Long-term Growth
Wednesday, October 27, 2010 to Friday, October 29, 2010
Tunis, Tunisia

The 2010 Conference is organized around the theme: “Setting the agenda for Africa’s Economic Recovery and Long-term Growth”. The Conference comprises plenary sessions with keynote presentations, followed by several break-out sessions. These sessions are complemented by a Round Table Discussion that seeks to articulate the key elements of the debate on the Conference theme which is discussed from the perspectives of the different tiers of participants.

The break-out sessions create an opportunity to present papers related to the Conference theme, but addressing particular subtopics, including the following:

  • Macroeconomic policies and drivers of growth: Under this sub-theme, prospective authors will be encouraged to submit papers on the macroeconomic management of economic crisis and the sources and options for boosting growth such as the industrialization process, the private sector development and knowledge as a driver of growth.

  • International Financial Institutions and Africa’s Growth: Priority will be given to papers focusing on the assessment of the emergency facilities, trade financing and specific measures undertaken by the international financial institutions during the crisis as well as the way forward for them to promote growth in Africa.

  • Governance, Political stability and Financial Sector Management: Under this subtheme, authors should develop papers based on the role of public and private sectors in enhancing corporate governance and political stability, and may specifically address the issue of strengthening financial sector governance.

  • Financial sector regulation and capital flow management: The recent crisis has led to revisiting the capital account liberalization policy and the regulation of the financial sector. Authors are encouraged to address these issues in the context of African countries.

  • Trade, investment and new development partnerships: Are Africa’s new partnerships on trade and investment supporting development? What are the pros and cons of these agreements for Africa’s long-term growth? The AEC 2010 will also open the debate on these questions based on authors’ submissions.

  • Safety nets and poverty reducing strategies: As poverty is acute and has been exacerbated by the recent crisis, the scientific committee recommend authors to submit papers on targeted policy interventions to provide relief through productive capacity development, employment opportunities, social safety nets, and financial assistance and to focus on the growth-employment-poverty reduction nexus.

These sub-themes should make it possible to examine and explore Africa’s growth prospects and to chart the way forward. The discussions will inform the public on the current state of Africa’s development in the wake of the crisis, as well as generate valuable insights towards improved policy making in Africa.